About Pegapay

Founded in June of 2013

Based in Tokyo and Singapore

Pegapay is a bitcoin platform where customers can buy and secure bitcoin and merchants can accept bitcoin for free.

Bitcoin is the most popular digital currency on the planet. The bitcoin network is secured by thousands of computers and individuals worldwide.

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Abasa Philips


Abasa has worked in the payment industry as the Japan country manager for a large online currency wallet. He is well connected in the payments space, skilled at setting up strategic partnerships, and enthusiastic about bitcoin.

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Michael Montague


Michael is a veteran programmer with a degree in international business, economics and finance. He is on a mission to use his bitcoin expertise to make bitcoin accessible to everyone.

会社名 ヴァロン株式会社
設立 2014年6月26日
事業内容 ビットコインの販売・買取
資本金 300万円
代表取締役 フィリップス アバサ
取締役 モンターグ マイケル
本社所在地 〒150-0044 東京都渋谷区円山町6-7 1F
代表電話番号 03-5962-8707
メールアドレス info@pegapay.com
会計事務所 平松会計事務所